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Scripture 2.1

Download it here

Now with paraphrased search, topical bibles, dictionaries, colored userfeatures, "Bible hitter"(new concept).

Auto-suggest/complete form. New way of mapping the bible, simplified topical list generators.

Among other things:

+Hide bibles
+Tri vers database
+-Topical Bibles
  +-simple create form in user-features for user private(or shared) library
+-Database security check suggested alternatives(minimal completetion)
+Colored bookmarks..(selecting all)
+-color bible link for forum topics..
+colored comments and topics in bible content
+php edit/list files in main&inc for admin
+headline coloring in bibles
+-search through biblemaps
+table column for themes generated
+bibles grouped together by language for selecting all
+fixed forum menu(now appearing throughout the forum).
+-, to include multiple verses(Currently works with a single selected chapter).
+fixed "search highlight color" missing
+fixed *search all bibles* (also limited to selected bibles)

And much more.

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How can someone build a building-church now?
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