The wind bloweth

Just a few days after releasing the android app in samsung app store, thousands of users install it.

I'm looking forward to release apps for other devices(which is not very far from a reality), apple products firstly.

Now is the time where I will say "Its a good time to support this project"; by developing content and cooperating in order to get the whole world educated in the bible.

We are not far from getting a million user.


Gods peace.

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Reject divisions
How can someone build a building-church now?
30Aug15 10:46[1]
Strong delusions
How can someone build a building-church now?
17Aug15 10:46[1]
How do we learn the truth?
17Aug15 06:57[1]

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Security holes discovered.
This security hole exists within thousands of calls to the database; from now on all inserts, deletes from the database will be blocked until i fix all the vulnerabilities.
as time goes, i'll open up features as i fix them. but this may take a year or two
the security whole requires me to change procedures unto how the calls are performed