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Users may now create and share their own mindmaps.

There is also included a multi-categorical system; having autosuggest for creating new categories.

Where to find

You can find the feature in dialer→mindmap.

This works for all devices having javascript and flash capabilities.

Creating your own

For android i also recommend trying out a app called mindjet. It can also be used to create and view mindmaps.
For windows,linux and mac there exist many tools. The one im currently using is called freeplane with all its addons.

Linking to bible

If you wish to link a verse to the bible, or link to other maps. This is possible.
A example with freeplane is: right-mouseclick→Link→Add or modify hyperlink (type)→/?s=isa+2:22
Link to another mindmap: /Mindmap/?f=1%2F7+SPIRITS+OF+GOD.mm

You can link to whatever you'd like.

In the future

I hope to make mindmaps from topical bibles/maps; and also create abilities of searching and perhaps manipulating mindmaps.

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